Display images on boards

Camille Ricketts
Jul 25 '19 · 1 min read · 298 views
  • Display images on boards
    In both galleries and boards, database pages show up as cards. While galleries are known for displaying images, you can also add images to your cards on boards. Here's how:
    • Click Properties at the top right of your board.
    • Click Card Preview and select one of these options:
      • Page Cover to display the page's cover image.
      • Page Content to display the first image that appears in the body of the page.
      • The name of a File property if it contains images to display them on your cards.
        • In the example here, that property is named Attachments.
    • Once you tell your board which images to display, you can edit them a few ways:
      • PropertiesCard Size to change the size of cards on your board.
      • PropertiesFit Image to fit entire images within your card frames (otherwise Notion will crop them to fit the frames).
      • Properties → switch off Name to hide the title of your page. You can use this to have your board just display images if you want.
      • Reposition the way any image shows up in its card frame by hovering over it, clicking Reposition, and dragging it into the spot you want.

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