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Add members to your Notion workspace to share, edit, and collaborate on pages together. These members will share the Workspace section of your sidebar with you, so you'll see the same navigation and edit the same content.

Members, guests & admins

Note: The following guide assumes you're an admin on a Free, Team, or Enterprise Plan. Otherwise you won't see these options.
There are several ways users can interact with a Notion workspace:
  • Admins: The only people on your team who can add new members and edit settings. If you create a workspace and you're on a Team or Enterprise Plan, you're automatically an admin, and can add more people as fellow admins, members, or guests.
  • Members: People on your team who can create and edit Notion pages, but not edit settings or add members. This category only exists on Team and Enterprise Plans. If you're on a Free Plan, everyone you add must be an admin.
  • Guests: People external to your team who you want to work with on specific pages. They can be invited to individual Notion pages, but not an entire workspace. Learn more about guest access โ†’

Add members

  • Go to Settings & Members at the top of your left-hand sidebar.
  • Click Add a Member and type the email address of the person you want to add.
  • Select whether to add them as an Admin or Member from the dropdown, then press Invite.
    • Admins can edit settings and invite new members.
    • Members cannot edit settings or invite new members.
  • They'll receive an email with a link to sign in and join your workspace.
  • We recommend you share our getting started guides with people who are new to Notion to get them oriented quickly.
Note: On Team and Enterprise Plans, you'll be charged per member in your workspace. For more information on pricing, go here โ†’

Allowed domains & auto-joining

If you're using Notion at your company, you can make it easy for anyone to automatically join your workspace as a member when they sign in with their work email.
  • Go to Settings & Members.
  • Click Settings in the sidebar of the window that pops up.
  • Scroll down to the section titled Allowed Email Domains.
  • Type any email domain that you want to grant access to automatically (i.e. your company's email domain). Press enter. You can add multiple allowed domains in this field.
  • Now, whenever someone signs into Notion with an email that has one of those domains, they'll see the option to join your workspace during onboarding.
  • Also in Settings under Domain, you can create a unique URL for your workspace. Share this URL with anyone who has an allowed email domain and they can join your workspace immediately!
Important Note: If you're on a Team or Enterprise Plan, you'll be charged for every member who joins. We just want you to be aware! More on pricing here โ†’

Turn a member into an admin

  • Go to Settings & Members.
  • To the right of the person, click the dropdown under Access Level and choose Admin.
  • That person will instantly have admin capabilities to edit settings and add new members.
  • Follow the same instructions to turn an admin into a member.

Remove members

  • Go to Settings & Members. Click on the Members tab.
  • To the right of the person's name, click the dropdown and choose Remove from Team.
  • That person will instantly lose access to your workspace, and any pages in the Private section of their sidebar will be lost.
Note: If you invite them back to the workspace, their private pages will be recovered. More on that here โ†’


  • I clicked the Create or Join Workspace button, but it will only let me create a workspace. How do I join a workspace?
    You can only join a workspace via the Create or Join Workspace button if that workspace has the Allowed Email Domains setting enabled, which lets users with that email domain join the workspace automatically when they sign in.
    To join a workspace, you'll need to ask an admin from that workspace to send you an invite.
  • I tried adding a guest to my workspace but they were turned into a member automatically. How can I prevent that?
    You may have the Allowed Email Domains setting turned on. When enabled, this feature allows people with that email domain to join your workspace as a member automatically. You can disable this setting in the Settings tab of Settings & Members in the left sidebar.
  • How can you turn a member into a guest?
    • Go to Settings & Members, scroll down to find the right member, and click the dropdown to the right side of their name.
    • Select Remove. When you do this, they will lose access to all their private pages in this workspace, so make sure they have their private pages backed up elsewhere before you do this.
    • Once they've been removed as a member, you can re-add them as a guest from the Share menu at the top of any page, by following these instructions.

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