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Alex Sherwood
Oct 19 '19 · 1 min read · 1530 views
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There's a couple of CRMs in Notion's template gallery already but they try to consolidate everything in one database. That has a couple of downsides: • Your pages end up with lots of columns, to record bits of information for various types of record • It's limiting and inflexible This template replicates the type of structure that you'd see in a traditional relational CRM e.g. Salesforce (although obviously it's a lot more simple). The main advantage of creating dedicated databases for the different types of record is that it makes it easy to develop a sophisticated structure. You could easily add a Contact Roles database to this template, to link to Contacts and Opportunities, which would let you assign roles like "decision maker", "champion" fo each deal, for example. This design enables you to get a 360° view of your prospects, as you'll link all of your records of various types to the same page for your prospect. This is just the foundation - you could add a lot more to it. Products I wanted people to be able to use this CRM to record Opportunities where several products were being sold to the same prospect, which is why I've used the Products > Product Bundles > Opportunities structure. If you only sell one product at a time then you could simplify this by removing the Product Bundles, linking Products to Opportunities and adding attributes to record the product quantity to your Opportunities table. If you have any questions then please feel free to add a comment to this page or ask them on Facebook.
To duplicate this template, please head to my Gumroad page where it's available for you to 'pay what you want' for it (£10+).
I did a walkthrough of this template with Marie Poulin here


High value Opportunities (summary view)


OpportunityOwnerAccountValueStageClose DateNext Meeting
Oracle 2019Sheryl  Closed Won 
Microsoft 2019Chris  Qualified 
Salesforce 2020Amy  Negotiating 
Oracle 2020Sheryl  Unqualified 

All Opportunities



OracleSheryl 475 Sansome St #15, San Francisco, CA 94111 🔗 mapSoftware  
MicrosoftChris 555 California St #200, San Francisco, CA 94104 🔗 mapSoftware  
SalesforceAmy 415 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 🔗 mapSoftware  



AccountOwnerContactTitleRelationshipLast / Next MeetingEmailPhoneEventsOpportunitiesStage
  Rachel ClarkCTOWarm 524-1234   
  Lucy GreyHead of ProcurementWarm 169-1234   
  Jason TaylorCTOCold 728-1234   
  John SmithVP PartnershipsWarm 640-1234   



DateNameCompleteContactsAccountsOpportunitiesStageClose Date
Contract negotiationYes     
Intro callYes     
Contract negotiation      
Reintro callYes     
Intro callYes     


Individual Products

Computer XI100
Computer XI Pro200
Laptop V50

Product Bundles

NameTotal PriceProduct 1Product 1 priceProduct 1 QtyProduct 2Product 2 priceProduct 2 QtyProduct 3Product 3 priceProduct 3 QtyOpportunities
Starter pack   2  110  10 
Intl expansion pack   5  2050  50
To duplicate this template, please head to my Gumroad page where it's available for you to 'pay what you want' for it (£10+).

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