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Notion is designed to get thoughts out of your head and onto the page 💭 Once they're there, you can rearrange, organize, and structure them to think and write more clearly.

Drag & drop

Any content block in Notion (including lines of text) can be dragged and dropped around the page. This includes rows in tables and cards in boards and galleries!
  • Hover over any block and use the ⋮⋮ icon that appears as a handle to drag it around.
  • Blue guides will appear to show you where it will go. (A good way to nest bullets and to-do's.)
  • Release your mouse to drop the block, row, or card wherever you want it.
  • Drag-and-drop also works in your sidebar to reorder pages, nest pages inside pages, and move them between sections.


Sometimes, it makes sense to put pieces of information next to each other. In these situations, you can format your text into columns (or create side-by-side sections with headings) using drag and drop:
  • Click and drag the text you want to put in another column. (The ⋮⋮ symbol in the left margin is your handle for drag and drop.)
  • Follow the blue guides that appear.
  • Drop it where you want it. You just created a new column!
  • You can create as many columns as you want across the width of a page.
Here's another example of how columns can be helpful:
  • Columns are available on tablet but not mobile. On your phone, you'll see the content in any right-hand column simply placed under the content in the left column.

Remove columns

To remove columns, simply do the reverse of the action you took to create them.
  • Click the ⋮⋮ icon and hold to drag the content in your right-hand column back under or above the content in the left-hand column. When you see the blue guide span the width of the page, drop it and the columns should disappear.
  • Sometimes, it's possible to have an empty column. In this case, click the ⋮⋮ icon and select Delete. This also removes the column format.
Tip: You can resize columns by hovering over the edges they share with other content and dragging the gray vertical guides that appear left or right.

Headings & sub-headings

Using different sizes of headings throughout your writing gives your information more structure, context, and a sense of priority. Notion makes three sizes of headings available:




There are a few ways to add them to your page:
  • Click the + in the left margin that appears when you hover over a new line, and select the size heading you want. See the menu in the image below.
  • Type / followed by h1, h2, or h3 and then enter.
  • Use Markdown and type # for H1, ## for H2, or ### for H3, then press space.
  • Type whatever you want then press cmd/ctrl + / and choose the right heading size. The text you wrote will become that heading.


Breaking up content on a page can help you separate distinct sections and ideas. Dividers are a good way to distinguish these sections and add some stylistic flair to your page.
To add a divider:
  • Click the + in the left margin that appears when you hover over a new line and select the Divider block from the menu.
  • Type / followed by div and then enter.
  • Type --- (three hyphens in a row) and a divider will automatically pop up.
  • You can drag and drop these dividers just like any other block on your page.


Let's say you want to break out a chunk of text to draw attention to it. Perhaps you're writing an article and you want a certain quote to stand out. The quote block is ideal for this.
To create a quote block, choose one of these:
  • Click the + in the left margin that appears when you hover over a new line, and select Quote from the menu.
  • Type / followed by q and then enter.
  • Use Markdown and type ", then press space.


  • Why can't I see columns on my phone or tablet?
    Unfortunately, our mobile apps don't support multiple columns yet, but it's definitely on our to-do list! If you'd like us to further prioritize this on our roadmap, send us a message or tweet at us with your vote 📮
  • Can you create multiple columns inside of a toggle?
    Officially, not yet. We're still working on building that in. Unofficially, here's a workaround you can use in the meantime 😉

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