Columns in toggles & template buttons

Camille Ricketts
Jun 6 '19 · 1 min read · 327 views
You can add and arrange blocks within toggle lists and template buttons, but not using drag and drop as usual. We'll walk you through what to do here.

Columns inside a toggle

  • Wherever you want your eventual toggle to be, create a new page using /page. Don't worry, that's temporary.
  • Title your page with whatever you want your toggle to say, then compose and arrange your content using any blocks and columns as you wish on that page.
  • Back on your original page, convert your temporary sub-page into a toggle list. Your columns are beautifully preserved!

Columns inside a template button

  • On the page where you want your template button, create a page using /page. Don't worry, this is temporary.
  • On this new page, add and arrange content using any blocks and columns as you wish.
  • Back on the original page, create a new template button. Name it whatever you like.
  • Drag your temporary page into the Template section of the configuration form:
  • Convert the page to a text block, heading, toggle or bullet. The page title will become the primary item, with its content nested within it — columns fully intact.
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