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There are several ways to communicate live and asynchronously with your teammates within Notion. Our collaboration tools help you cut down on in-person meetings, equip remote teammates with info around the clock, and meet deadlines. Here's an overview.

Mention a person

When you want to get another person in your workspace to look at something, you can mention them anywhere inside a page, database, comment, or discussion.
  • Type @ followed by the person's name. A pop up menu will search for them in real-time. Press enter to choose the one you want.
  • To mention someone in a database, either @-mention them in the body of a page inside the database, or add them to a Person property field. They'll receive the same type of notification. This is handy for assigning people things in a tasks database.

Mention notifications

When someone mentions you in a workspace, you'll see a red badge appear next to All Updates in your sidebar with the number of notifications waiting for you.
  • Click All Updates and view Inbox to see all the times you've been mentioned organized chronologically.
  • You may also see mobile or desktop push notification depending on the apps you have installed and open.
  • Click on any of these mention updates to jump directly to the line, comment, discussion or database you've been mentioned in on the page.
Note: If you @-mention someone on a page that they don't have access to (like one of your private pages), they will not be notified.
  • If you were mentioned in a comment, you can reply directly in the All Updates window by clicking Reply.
  • You can also resolve or re-open comments in this window. When you resolve a comment, it will disappear from the page it was made on. If you re-open a comment, it will reappear.

Page comments

You can add a mini chat room to the top of any Notion page in the form of a Page comment. These help multiple people converse about a project, or give/get high-level feedback.
  • Hover over the top of any page and click Add a Discussion.
  • Type whatever you want to say. It will be attributed to you with your avatar.
  • @-mention colleagues to get their attention and bring them into the conversation. You can also @-mention pages to link to them.
  • You can edit or delete anything you add to a page comment. Just hover over your comments and click the ••• icon for options to edit or delete them, or resolve the discussion.
  • You can always re-open resolved discussions by clicking the # resolved comments button at the top of the page.

Customize page comments

For every page in Notion — both inside a database and out — you can choose whether to display or hide page comments at the top.
  • Go to the ••• icon at the very top right of any Notion page and choose Customize page.
  • You'll see a dropdown menu with comment options:
    • Expanded - See all the page comments exchanged at the top of the page.
    • Off - Hide comments on the page completely (handy for minimalists).


Offer your opinion or ask a question by commenting on specific text, images, or other content blocks on a page. There are four ways to make a comment in Notion:
  • Select any word or text snippet and choose Comment from the menu that pops up. You'll see a word bubble icon with the number of comments in the thread appear to the right.
  • You can click on that icon to open the thread.
  • Click the ⋮⋮ icon that appears to the left of any content block when you hover — whether it's an image, embed, text, etc. Choose Comment from the menu that pops up.
  • Click on the word bubble icon that appears to open and read the thread.
  • Use the shortcut cmd/ctrl + shift + m to make a comment on whatever you have selected or wherever your blinking text cursor is positioned.
  • On any page in a database, you'll see a field at the top with your avatar where you can make a comment. A word bubble icon will show up near the title of the page if it contains comments.
Note: You can't comment on multiple blocks at a time.

Edit & delete comments

You can edit or delete anything you say in a comment. Click on the word bubble icon, hover over your words, and click •••.
  • You'll see options to Resolve Discussion (makes the thread disappear), Edit Comment, and Delete Comment.
  • Click the Resolve button to make the thread disappear.
  • View resolved comments in an ongoing thread by clicking the word bubble icon and then Resolved. View all resolved comments in the Update menu at the top right of the page.
  • You can @ mention other users to get their attention and prompt them to respond.
  • You can also @ mention pages to link them directly in your comment.
Tip: Re-open any resolved comments from the Updates menu at the top right of your page, or in All Updates under Mentions.


  • Someone @-mentioned me in a page, but I didn't receive an email notification.
    If you have Notion open on a mobile device or computer, you won't receive push or email notifications for reminders, you'll only get a red badge notification in All Updates.
    If Notion is not open on your mobile device or computer at the time of the notification, then you'll receive an email instead of a notification in All Updates.
  • Can I @-mention my entire workspace, or a group of people like @engineering?
    Not yet, unfortunately. It’s a legit use case though, and definitely something we want to support soon. Stay tuned.
  • How can I trigger a reminder for someone else on my team?
    The best way to do this is to use an @-mention and @-remind on the same line. For example:
    "@d0a8cba1-b998-46a3-bcd1-0efb420410b1 @remind next Thursday 4pm to finish proofreading."

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