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This template is based on one of the original guides for creating OKRs. I haven't used it for work myself though so if it doesn't do something that you need it to, let me know & I'll see if I can come up with a solution. โš ๏ธ If you clone this template then you'll need to update the "Quarter" property's formula with the formula in this guide. I've set the formula to always display "This quarter" for this example. If you have any questions or requests, you can get in touch here. PS - if you like this then you may also find my Create a continuous performance management system in Notion | template useful.
To copy this template into your own workspace, open this link in a new tab

Simplified template

A stripped down version of the template to copy to your workspace.
This version of the template uses a Person (rather than Text) property for the Owner and has some of the individual team member views removed from the KRs by Person linked database.
You do not need to modify the Quarter formula if you duplicate this version of the template.



The 'Date' property controls which quarter is displayed in the 'Quarter' formula property.


NameKey resultsStatusResultTarget resultQuarterDate
Grow customer base    Q3 2019
Scale to deliver v2 of service    Q3 2019
Refresh branding & app UI    Q3 2019

Key Results

You can read an in-depth guide for the Progress property's formula here.
Owners would generally be a Person attribute.

Key Results

NameStatusTarget resultCurrent resultProgressTeamOwnersObjective
1,000 more customers from referralsBehind1000200 GrowthSteph 
5,000 more customers from socialOn track50002000 MarketingJohn Rachel 
2,000 more customers from PROn track20001000 MarketingToby 
Refresh every marketing domainBehind1  MarketingChris Rachel 
Launch new logo and brand identityComplete11 MarketingRachel 
5 press stories to boost company brandOn track53 RecruitmentToby 
Hire 10 engineersComplete1010 RecruitmentSam 
Re-write company handbookBehind10 RecruitmentSam 

KRs by team

Key Results

TeamNameStatusTarget resultCurrent resultProgressObjectiveOwners
Growth1,000 more customers from referralsBehind1000200  Steph
MarketingLaunch new logo and brand identityComplete11  Rachel
MarketingRefresh every marketing domainBehind1   Chris Rachel
Marketing2,000 more customers from PROn track20001000  Toby
Marketing5,000 more customers from socialOn track50002000  John Rachel
RecruitmentRe-write company handbookBehind10  Sam
RecruitmentHire 10 engineersComplete1010  Sam
Recruitment5 press stories to boost company brandOn track53  Toby

KRs by person

Key Results

OwnersNameStatusTarget resultCurrent resultProgressObjectiveTeamDate
Chris RachelRefresh every marketing domainBehind1   Marketing
John Rachel5,000 more customers from socialOn track50002000  Marketing
RachelLaunch new logo and brand identityComplete11  Marketing
SamHire 10 engineersComplete1010  Recruitment
SamRe-write company handbookBehind10  Recruitment
Steph1,000 more customers from referralsBehind1000200  Growth
Toby2,000 more customers from PROn track20001000  Marketing
Toby5 press stories to boost company brandOn track53  Recruitment

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