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Camille Ricketts
Jul 9 '19 · 1 min read · 621 views
In Settings & Members, you'll see a tab called My Connected Apps in your left-hand sidebar. There, you'll see a list of apps you can connect to Notion in some way — to either import or embed content from them.

Connect to import

You can import content into Notion from a number of apps. For Evernote, Trello, and Asana, it's possible to connect to and import from those accounts without ever leaving Notion.
  • In the Connected Apps window, click Connect next to the app you want to import from and follow the instructions.

Connect to embed

Currently, the only app you need to connect to for embedding content is Google Drive.
  • In any Notion page, type /drive or /google to embed a doc, sheet, or slide deck directly from Google Drive.
  • You can choose to browse your Drive in order to select the right file. To make this possible, you'll be prompted to connect/log in to the account that owns the file you want.
  • You can connect multiple Google Drive accounts to make them browsable within Notion.
  • Here's how this works:


  • What happened to the old Google Embeds that synced both ways?
    Our new and improved Google Drive embeds are much easier to use, and allow you to embed without ever leaving Notion. That said, you can still use the old version of our Drive embeds (embedded in an iframe with two-way sync) if you prefer! Just use the /embed feature instead of /google.
  • If I import content from Evernote/Trello/Asana, will my edits sync both ways?
    Edits will not sync. Any changes you make to your imported content in Notion will not sync to Evernote, Trello or Asana, and vice versa.

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