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Brian Park
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You can work across multiple workspaces at once. Create new ones for individual projects or clients, for example. Or join workspaces you're invited to by other teams. You can switch between them to work seamlessly.

Create a new workspace

When you first sign up for Notion, you'll follow steps to create your first workspace. To add an additional one, click on the name of your existing workspace at the top left of your sidebar and select Create or Join Workspace from the dropdown menu.
  • You'll see a list of workspaces you've been added to (or that you have automatic-join access to) but haven't joined yet.
  • Under that list, click the link create a new workspace.
  • Follow the steps to set up your new workspace and you're on your way! πŸ™Œ

Join an existing workspace

There are a couple ways to join a workspace someone else has made:
  • They add you as a member, and you receive an email with a link to join. You'll be prompted to sign in with your email, and you'll be placed into the workspace.
  • You can choose Create or Join Workspace from the menu above and view the workspace(s) people have added you to. Click on any one of these workspaces to join.
Note: If you're using Notion with a team or company, they've probably permitted anyone with their email domain to automatically join their workspace. We call this auto-join. Here's how to set this up with allowed email domains β†’

Switch between workspaces

Throughout the day, you might need to hop between different workspaces to get things done 🐰 Our goal is to make this as simple as switching between pages!
  • Just click on the name of your current workspace and select the one you want to jump to from the dropdown menu. That's it!


  • I clicked the Create or Join Workspace button, but it will only let me create a workspace. How do I join a workspace?
    You can only join a workspace via the Create or Join Workspace button if that workspace has the Allowed Email Domains setting enabled to allow users with your email domain join the workspace automatically.
    Otherwise, you'll need to ask an admin from the workspace to send you an invite.
  • How can I switch between workspaces that are under different email addresses?
    Currently, you can only use the workspace switcher at the top left if you're using the same email address for each workspace. We don't support multiple email access yet, but it's on the to-do list πŸ˜…What we generally suggest as a workaround is having one account logged into the desktop app and one in a browser, or using our web app with one one incognito window and one non-incognito window.
  • When I subscribe to a paid Personal Plan or Team Plan, does it cover all my workspaces?
    Paid plans only apply to one workspace and don't cover the whole account. Workspaces are completely separate silos, so you won't be able to link any content between them.
    We recommend using the least number of workspaces possible, and taking advantage of top-level pages in your sidebar to stay organized. More on that here β†’

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