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There are a few ways Notion databases behave and appear differently on mobile than they do on browser or desktop. Below is a quick tour of how they work on your phone or tablet πŸ“±

Menus & options

On mobile, the menus and options that usually live at the top of your database are neatly hidden inside the β€’β€’β€’ icon found just to the left of the blue New button. Tap it for:
  • Properties: Your menu for editing and adding properties in your database.
  • Templates: Menu for creating and using database templates.
  • Filter: Opens the form to filter your database entries based on properties.
  • Sort: Open the form to sort your database entries based on properties.
  • View-specific options, like Group By for boards, or Wrap Cells for tables.
To delete entries in your database (whether they're rows in a table or cards in a gallery):
  • Open the entry as a page by tapping on it.
  • Tap the β€’β€’β€’ icon at the very top right of your screen. You'll see the standard page options, including Delete.
  • This takes the place of the menu you usually see when you right click on an item on desktop.
  • There is no way to duplicate items or batch edit properties on mobile.
The view menu works identically to the way it does on desktop, only with multiple screens.
  • Tap the view dropdown at the top left of your database to see views or create a new one.
  • Tap the β€’β€’β€’ icon to the right of any view in this menu to rename it, change the type of view (table, board, calendar, list, gallery, etc.), duplicate it, or delete it.

Editing properties

The Properties menu is a bit different to navigate on mobile. Find the menu itself inside the small β€’β€’β€’ icon to the left of the blue New button at the top of your database.
  • Add a property to your database by tapping + Add a property.
  • See properties that are both visible in your database and hidden.
  • Tap any property to change its name, select a different property type, hide (or show) it in your database, duplicate it or delete it.
  • There's no way to rearrange the order in which properties display on mobile.
  • You can also edit properties when database items are opened as pages. Just tap on the fields you want to edit, and new screens will pop up with your choices.

Drag & drop

Drag-and-drop doesn't work the same on mobile as it does on desktop or browser.
  • You can still drag and drop cards in galleries and boards, and items in lists. Tap and hold. You'll see the card slightly magnify, and you can swipe in any direction to move it.
  • You cannot select and drag multiple cards or entries at the same time.
  • You can no longer drag and drop columns or rows in tables.

Search database

The search field appears very prominently at the top of databases on mobile. Just tap and type whatever word(s) you want to find.
  • Your database will change in real time to only display the entries that meet search criteria.


Big differences between tables on mobile and desktop:
  • You can't drag and drop rows or columns.
  • You can now simply tap on any row name to open it as a page.
  • You can only add new rows using the blue New button or the + New button at the very bottom of your table. You can't add rows under rows in the middle of your table.
  • Learn about tables on desktop here β†’


Calendars display very differently on mobile than on desktop:
  • You'll see the month zoomed out. Gray dots will appear on days that have database items on them.
  • Click days with gray dots to view the items scheduled on those dates. Click the items on this next screen to open them as pages.
  • Click any day, and you'll see the option to add a new item to it.
  • You can only scroll to other months using the < and > arrows on either side of Today at the top right of your calendar.


The only difference on mobile is that properties for an item will appear under its name instead of to the right side of the screen. Learn more about lists on desktop here β†’


While you can still edit what type of image appears (Page Cover, Page Content, File, etc.), and whether the image should fit the card frame or not, you can't change card size on mobile.


  • Is there a way to add background colors to specific cells or cards? Or conditional formatting?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. It's a popular feature request though, so definitely on our radar! For the time being, you can use Select and Multi-select properties to add a pop of color to your table 🎨
  • Why can't I delete the Title property in a table?
    Our tables are a lot different than traditional spreadsheets, since each row represents a database entry that can be opened as its own page, or visualized in other database views. The Title property gives you access to database pages.
  • Does Notion have simple (non-database) tables?
    Not at the moment β€” it's a popular feature request though and on our to-do list.
    For the time being, you can click and drag text blocks to create columns, more on that here.
  • Is there a way to merge cells in a table?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. Our tables are different than traditional spreadsheets, since each row represents a database entry that can be opened as its own page or visualized in other database views.
  • Any way to Group By a relation or formula property?
    Not currently πŸ˜“ It’s a legit use case though, and definitely something we want to support in the future.
  • Any way to set a default date format for the date property?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. It’s definitely something we want to support in the future, though. We appreciate your patience while we make our way though our to-do list! πŸ™

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