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Andrea Lim
Sep 7 '16 · 2 min read · 412 views
Any content you add to Notion can be deleted or duplicated with a couple clicks — whether that's an image, embed, page, or database. We use the same symbols and actions throughout the product to give you these options. Here's what to do.

Click •••

This symbol appears in several places:
  • At the top right of any page, this gives you the option to Delete that page.
  • In your sidebar when you hover over any page, this lets you Delete or Duplicate.
  • When you hover over content like images, embeds, sub-pages, and web bookmarks, it appears in the top right corner to let you Delete or Duplicate.
  • On mobile, you'll see this symbol in the corner of many content blocks. Tapping it will open a menu that includes Delete and Duplicate.
    • For text on mobile, tap on More all the way to the right in the toolbar that appears above your keyboard. You'll see the same set of options.

Click ⋮⋮

This symbol appears in the left margin when you hover over any line or content in Notion, whether that's an empty line, text, an image, an embed, row in a table, etc. Click it to see options to either Duplicate or Delete.

Right click

You can right click on any content in Notion (or use the gesture that corresponds to right click on your track pad) to bring up a menu including Delete and Duplicate.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • To delete, select any content block or text and hit the Delete key.
  • To duplicate, select any content block and hit cmd/ctrl + d. Or, hold option while clicking and dragging that content.


  • What if I accidentally deleted something permanently? Any way to get it back?
    If you accidentally delete a page, a workspace, or even your entire account, we can help! Accidents happen 😅Just send us a message in the app by clicking the ? at the bottom left on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at
    We keep per-minute backups of our database, which allows us to restore a snapshot of your entire content at any minute in the past 30 days if you need it.
  • How can I empty my trash?
    There isn't a way to empty your trash all at once. Instead our trash feature functions more like an archive, allowing you to restore your deleted content whenever you need to. Also, items in the trash don't count towards your block limit on a Free Plan.

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Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at ✌️

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