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Camille Ricketts
Mar 14 '19 · 1 min read · 4256 views

On desktop

Any non-database Notion page can be exported as a Markdown file. Here's how:
  • Click on the ••• icon at the top right of any Notion page you want to export.
  • Click Export. A window will pop up at the center of your screen asking what format you want to download and whether to include sub-pages.
  • Choose Markdown & CSV from the dropdown. Switch on Include subpages if you want to download pages contained within the page as separate files.
  • Click Export to automatically download a zip file containing a Markdown version of your Notion page(s). You can open these files as plain text with Markdown syntax. It'll look something like this when you open it with an app like TextEdit or Notepad:
Note: Full-page databases are only exportable as CSV, not Markdown.

On mobile

  • Tap the ••• icon at the upper right of your screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Export.
  • Choose Markdown & CSV from the menu labeled Export format.
  • Tap Export and the share menu on your device will pop up, from which:
    • You can send the file to a nearby computer via AirDrop on Mac.
    • You can copy and paste the download link into your mobile browser to start the download.
    • You can paste the download link into your notes for later.
  • You'll also receive an email from Notion with a link to download the file.


  • I'm not seeing an export option in my ••• menu. What's the deal?
    Export might be turned off for your workspace. Admins can turn off this option in the Security & SAML tab of Settings & Members to keep workspace data internal.
  • The download window told me it would send me an email with the zip file, but I didn't receive one.
    If a file is very large (depending on the number of sub-pages included), we may send you an email with a download link rather than automatically starting a download. This is not always the case. No email will be sent if you were able to download the file right away.

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