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Camille Ricketts
Jul 11 '19 · 2 min read · 352 views
If you want to be notified of changes and comments made on a particular page by other people, you can choose to follow that page.

How to follow

  • You automatically follow pages you create or edit.
  • Otherwise, you can follow a page by clicking Updates at the top right on the page, and switching on the Follow This Page toggle.

On mobile

  • Tap the clock icon at the top right of any page.
  • Tap This Page and turn on the toggle to the right of Follow This Page.


  • Edits and comments made on a followed page (even if they don't involve you), are aggregated in the All Updates menu in your sidebar under Followed. Here's what they show:
    • Text that has been added is highlighted in blue.
    • Gray strikethrough text shows what has been removed.
    • You can click on any edit to jump right to where it was made on the page.
    • Revision history is also visible on the page itself when you click Updates at the top right.
  • If revisions are made when you're not logged into Notion, you'll receive an email notification that shows them. Revisions don't trigger push or other types of notifications.
  • You can unfollow a page at any time, even if you created it.

Updates menu

The Updates menu at the top of any page (the same as This Page on mobile when you click the clock icon) is page-specific, and only useful for three things:
  • It keeps a running list of revisions and comments made on the page.
  • You can click the clock icon to the right of any of these revisions to view the version of the page that existed at that point in time in Page History.
  • You can choose to follow or unfollow a page.
  • Otherwise, refer to the All Updates menu in your sidebar for workspace-wide updates.


  • I'm getting way too many notifications in All Updates. What can I do?
    We have lots of room for improvement here, and hope to make notifications more customizable in the future!
    For the time being, you can unfollow any pages that are irrelevant/too noisy. Just turn off the Follow This Page toggle in the Updates menu at the top right of the page.
  • How can I get notified about page changes in Slack?
    You can integrate Notion with Slack to keep track of page revisions:
    • Click Updates at the top right of the page you want to be notified about.
    • Switch on Connect Slack Channel.
    • A dialog box will pop up to connect with your Slack account. Choose the channel on Slack where you'd like these notifications to appear.

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