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Jan 9 '18 · 3 min read · 8219 views
Notion makes it easy to create and copy links to both whole pages or individual content blocks inside pages (like an anchor link to a particular heading, text, image, etc. ⚓️). This lets you create and share links that take people directly to what they need.

Link to pages

There are several different ways to link to a whole Notion page. Here's a rundown:
  • When you create a page inside a page, you're essentially creating a link to that page. You can create a new sub-page by clicking the + in the left-hand margin and choosing Page, or typing /page then enter.
  • You can create a link to another page in your workspace as a block. Click the + in the left-hand margin and choose Link to Page, or type /link to. This will open up a menu of all pages you have to choose from. Type the name of the page to add it.
Note: When you add a Link to Page block, it shows up in your sidebar under the page it's contained in, just like any other sub-page.
  • Create an in-line link to another page in your workspace by @-mentioning it. Just type @ followed by the name of the page you're linking to. You'll see results pop up in real-time. Select the page you want, and you'll see a gray link to that page appear.
Tip: When you use this method of linking to a page, you can change a page title and the links to it will update automatically.
  • In the left sidebar, hover over any page and click the ••• icon. Choose Copy Link to get the URL to that page. You can also right click on any page to bring up this option. You can paste that link anywhere you want.
  • Click Share at the top of any page. Select Copy Page Link. This will copy the page's URL to your clipboard.
  • When you select text and paste the URL to a page over it, that text becomes a link.
Note: If you share a page link with someone, they'll only be able to view it if they have permission to access that page.

Link to content blocks

Every content block in Notion has its own anchor link that can be copied and shared.
  • To link to a block, hover over it and click the ⋮⋮ icon that appears to the left. Choose Copy Link. This will copy the URL of that specific block to your clipboard.
  • You can also right click on any block to bring up the Copy Link option.

Open Notion links on the desktop app

  • To open any URL to a Notion page or block in the desktop app instead of your browser, just replace the https part of the address with notion. Like this:
  • On browser, click on ••• at the top right of any page and choose Open in Mac App or Open in Windows App to achieve the same thing.


  • How can I open links in the desktop app automatically, instead of to the web app?
    There isn't way to automate that at the moment, unfortunately, but we're working on it! For the time being, you can use the Open in Mac/Windows App button in the ••• menu at the top right of the page.
  • What's the difference between @-tagging a page, and a Link to Page block?
    Great question! Link to Page works kind of like creating a sub-page, and is exposed in your sidebar as a sub-page. Because of this, you can't link to the same page more than once per page using this method
    @-tagging a page creates something more like a hyperlink. You can @-tag a page as many times as you like on a single page.

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