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Camille Ricketts
Apr 23 '19 · 2 min read · 1030 views
Linked databases let you show, filter, and sort the same database in multiple places (elsewhere on the same page and/or elsewhere in your workspace) as many times as you want.
For example, let's say you have one big task database for your team. You could show individual people's task lists separately, but all drawn from the same database of tasks:

Create a linked database

  • Hit + that appears in the left margin on hover, or type /linked and press enter.
  • A menu will pop up that allows you to type to search for specific databases in your workspace. You can also scroll to browse.
  • The database you select will show up as a copy of the original, which you can filter, sort, and view differently without changing the original.

Edit a linked database

Think of a linked database as a two-way excerpt of the source database.
  • When interacting with a linked database, the views, filters, or sorts you create and delete will not affect the views on the original database.
  • However, edits you make to the actual content or properties of a linked database will be reflected in the original.
  • You can add as many linked databases as you would like in-line on a single page. Filter them for different purposes to create your own dashboard.


  • I tried sharing a page with a linked database, but the recipient wasn't able to see it.
    Whoever you share this type of page with needs to have access to the original database to be able to see any linked excerpts of that database.
  • Can I name my linked database something different from the original database?
    Not at the moment. We've had a few users ask about this though, so it's on our to-do list!
  • There's a ton of blank space to the left of my linked database. How can I get rid of it?
    Turn on Full Width in the ••• menu at the top right of your page 😉
  • The database I'm trying to link isn't showing up in my menu of choices when I create a Linked Database block.
    You're not limited to the databases in that list! After you create the Linked Database block, just start typing the name of the database you want to link where it says Search for a Database...

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