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  • Shortcut to edit any block
    Composing your Notion page at light speed, you can change a block's type and color without leaving your keyboard. You can also delete, duplicate, or move it.
    • When editing a block (including if you're in the middle of a line of text), use the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + /. An action menu will pop up.
    • In the field at the top of this menu, type the name of a new block type (i.e. bullet or todo) or color (i.e. red, blue). Or type an action (like duplicate) and press enter. Whatever you choose will happen to the block:
  • Shortcut to duplicate content
    By holding option (Mac) or alt (Windows) when you drag selected content, you can create an instant copy of that content and place it where you want it in one motion. As always, you can use the ⋮⋮ icon as a handle to drag.
  • Nest pages with drag & drop
    At any time, you can turn a top-level page into a sub-page. Or turn a sub-page into a top-level page in your sidebar. Easily drag pages between your sidebar and editor.
    Here's how you'd turn a top-level page into a sub-page:
    And here's how you'd turn a sub-page into a top-level page in your sidebar:
  • Drag photos into a gallery
    Notion's gallery view for databases makes an excellent way to store and view photo albums and libraries. Adding photos is as easy as dragging from your desktop or other file on your computer into Notion.
    • Create a new page and choose Gallery from the grayscale menu. Give it a name.
    • Drag as many images as you want into the body of that gallery.
    • To change image sizes, go to Properties → Card Size.
    • To fit whole images inside card frames, go to Properties → Fit Image. Otherwise, your gallery will preview a cropped version on the front of the card to fit the frame.
    • Reposition the way an image displays inside its card frame by hovering over it, clicking Reposition and dragging it into the right spot.
    • To show just images with no titles in your gallery, go to Properties and switch off Name.
  • Make images full-width
    Extending images to the full width of your Notion page offers a nice aesthetic and a delightful way to separate sections. Simply drag the right side of any image to the edge of your page until it automatically adopts banner format.
    • Click and hold the middle of a full-width image to drag it elsewhere on your page.
    • Delete a full-width image by hovering, clicking ••• and selecting Delete.
  • Resize/collapse your sidebar
    For a larger working space or wider view of your page list, you can adjust the size of your sidebar. You can also collapse it entirely for full-width, fully-focused editing.
    To narrow or widen your sidebar, click on the edge and drag left or right.
    To collapse your sidebar:
    • Click its right edge once.
    • Or hover over it and click the << icon at the top.
    • Or use the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + \.
    • To see your collapsed sidebar, just hover over the left edge of your window.
    To re-open a collapsed sidebar:
    • Hover to slide it out, then click once on its right edge.
    • Or click the ☰ icon at the top left of your page.
    • Or use the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + \.
  • Build a deadline countdown
    Whether a deadline or a milestone, it's often helpful to see just how many days remain until a date. With the dateBetween() function, Notion databases make this simple.
    • With an existing Date property for your deadline or milestone, create a Days Remaining property and choose Formula as the type.
    • Insert the dateBetween() function with your final date as your first argument, now() as your second, and "days" as your third. Here's the whole thing put together:
      dateBetween(prop("[YOUR DATE PROPERTY]"), now(), "days")
    • This subtracts today from your final date to display the remaining days.
  • Display images on boards
    In both galleries and boards, database pages show up as cards. While galleries are known for displaying images, you can also add images to your cards on boards. Here's how:
    • Click Properties at the top right of your board.
    • Click Card Preview and select one of these options:
      • Page Cover to display the page's cover image.
      • Page Content to display the first image that appears in the body of the page.
      • The name of a File property if it contains images to display them on your cards.
        • In the example here, that property is named Attachments.
    • Once you tell your board which images to display, you can edit them a few ways:
      • Properties → Card Size to change the size of cards on your board.
      • Properties → Fit Image to fit entire images within your card frames (otherwise Notion will crop them to fit the frames).
      • Properties → switch off Name to hide the title of your page. You can use this to have your board just display images if you want.
      • Reposition the way any image shows up in its card frame by hovering over it, clicking Reposition, and dragging it into the spot you want.
  • Paste URL over text to link
    With a URL copied to your clipboard, you can highlight any text and press cmd/ctrl + v to hyperlink it.
  • Lock a database to prevent changes
    The contents of a Notion database must be precise: Changing a single character in one property can impact other properties and pages across your workspace.
    To prevent inadvertent changes by you or your collaborators, you can lock a database until you're ready to make deliberate updates. This will prevent changes to properties, views, and values for any Select and Multi-Select properties, while still allowing people to enter and edit data.
    • Click ••• at the top right of the Notion window.
    • Switch on Database Lock. You can turn it off at any time.
  • Start calendar weeks on Monday
    Calendars in Notion will use Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week, depending on your region. That includes the date picker and calendar databases. If you prefer, you can change this manually.
    • Click Settings & Members at the top of the left sidebar.
    • Select My Account in the sidebar of the new window.
    • Within Calendar Settings, toggle on Start Week on Monday.
    • Click Update at the bottom to save the change.
  • Quick links to pages with @-mentions
    Within the text of your Notion page, you can quickly link to another page in your workspace without knowing its URL. The link automatically populates with the page's title and icon, and even changes if you rename the page.
    • Where you want your link to appear, type the @ symbol.
    • A new menu will pop up. Search for the linked page by typing its title.
    • Press enter to select the page you want to link.
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