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Notion is set up to notify you whenever you're mentioned in a page or database, for reminders, and when updates/edits have been made to a page you care about.
  • You'll receive push notifications on desktop and mobile if you have those apps installed.
  • Occasionally, you'll receive email notifications so you never miss a thing.
Below, we describe how notifications work, and how you can modify them.

How notifications work


There are four ways notifications are triggered:
  • Someone @-mentions you on a page or in a comment or discussion.
  • You're added to a Person property in a database.
  • You set a reminder for yourself to show up at a certain time.
  • Someone makes changes/edits/revisions to a page you started or follow.
    • (Don't worry, you won't be actively alerted to these with push or badges, but you will receive an email aggregating edits if you haven't been signed into Notion).
    • You can always view all edits made on a page by clicking Updates at the top right.

Types & timing

There are several ways these notifications will reach you:
  • You'll see a red badge with the number of notifications waiting for you next to All Updates at the top of your sidebar. Learn more about updates here โ†’
  • Desktop push notifications show up if you have the app installed and open.
  • Mobile push notifications show up if you have the app installed and you haven't checked the notification within 5 minutes.
  • Email notifications are sent if you don't have Notion open at the time of the notification, or if you have mobile notifications turned off and you haven't seen a notification within 5 minutes.
  • Integrate with Slack to have notifications show up in the channel of your choice whenever changes are made to a certain page.
Note: If you're actively viewing a page that the notification trigger was created on (i.e. the @-mention or reminder), you won't see any notifications.


You can turn any of these types of notification on or off by going to Settings & Members โ†’ My Notifications, and then toggling them on or off for:
  • Mobile Push
  • Desktop Push
  • Email
On mobile, click on Notifications & Settings near the bottom of your sidebar to toggle mobile push and email notification settings on or off:


  • I'm not receiving any mobile or email notifications, but I have them enabled.
    If you have Notion open on a mobile device or computer, you won't receive push or email notifications for reminders โ€” you'll only see the badge next to All Updates.
    If Notion is not open on your mobile device or computer, then you will receive a push or email notification.
  • Is there a way for the notifications to make a sound or vibration?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜“ On our to-do list though!

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