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This page describes how to implement the suggestion described in the Reddit Post linked to the right. This creates a "Global Tag Database" that can be used to keep tags consistent across databases.
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NOTE: This replaces the default "Tags" property with a relational property

Part One - Create your Tag Database (Gallery View)

  1. Create a New Page; Select Table; Name this "Tags Database"
  2. In this table, add a row for each Tag you want to use; add an icon to show an emoji for it
    How to add an icon: Create the tag, open it, and then add an icon :) -@Jeroen Strompf
  3. To create the view shown in the reddit post, create a Gallery View
  4. Under Properties>Card Preview, Select None.

Part Two - Connecting Databases to your Tag Database

  1. In a new or existing database, remove (or rename) the existing "Tags" Property - we won't be using that for this purpose
  2. Add a Relational Property that links to the Tag Database created above

Part Three - Using your Tag Database

  1. To add tags, edit the Relational property created in step 2
  2. Click the + button next to the tag(s) you want to add, or the x next to one you want to remove,
  • See the screenshot below for a visual example:


[Ex] Tagged Shopping List

Paper Towels$10.00 
Dog Food$30.00 
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