Notion tips for remote teams

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Whether your team is spread across multiple continents or working together under one roof, Notion can be your hub for asynchronous communication. We've compiled these 5 quick tips to help you and your team get the most out of Notion when you're working remotely 🏑

1. @Mention teammates to get their attention

Think of @mentions as a virtual way to tap your teammates on the shoulder. Just type the @ symbol anywhere in Notion followed by the person's name and they'll be notified right away.
  • @mention a list of attendees on a Meeting Notes page to take notes together at once.
  • @mention your manager on a blog post that needs proofreading before you publish.
  • Bonus: Trigger a notification for someone else, by including @remind in the same line. For example, "@Cory Etzkorn @remind tomorrow 4pm to review editorial calendar."
  • Learn more about @mentions and reminders β†’

2. Use All Updates to stay in the loop

When working from home, it can be challenging to stay up to date on everyone's progress and how the work is changing. To catch up with everything happening in your workspace, click All Updates in your left-hand sidebar on desktop, or tap the πŸ””icon on mobile.
Click the All tab to see all the times you were mentioned or added to a page, as well as all changes made to shared pages β€” including when they were made and who made them.
  • To only see updates relevant to you, click the Followed tab. This shows updates to pages that you've made, edited, or followed (using the Updates menu at the top right of any page).
  • The Mentions tab contains a chronological list of the times you've been @mentioned in your workspace, as seen above. Click or tap a mention to jump straight to it.
  • Bonus: You can reply to or resolve comments directly inside the All Updates menu without having to leave your current page (so you can batch process all your mentions in one go).
  • Learn more about how updates work β†’

3. Understand the evolution of every page

When there are multiple cooks in the kitchen, it's easy to lose track of who's doing what, who made what decision, or how a project went from one thing to another. For a historical log of every change that's been made to a page, just click Updates at the top right.
  • On a Kanban board, see who moved a project from Not Started β†’ In Progress. It's easy to know who to ask about what.
  • Content that's been added is highlighted in blue. Text that's been deleted is crossed out. You'll see exactly who did what and when.
  • Follow your team's thought processes as they add, edit, and delete content from any doc.
  • Bonus: Click the πŸ•“icon to the right of any update to pull up the Page History tool (paid plans only), and restore the page to an earlier version.
  • Learn more about Page History and restoring past versions β†’

4. Stay up to date on Notion directly in Slack

Notion integrates with Slack so that even the smallest changes to your work don't slip through the cracks. In the Updates menu at the top right of every page, you can enable this Slack integration by turning on the toggle labeled Connect Slack Channel.
You'll receive a message whenever content on that page is changed, including who made the edit, and link to jump right there.
  • Create dedicated Slack channels to capture edits and updates to important pages like your Sales CRM (as seen above), Recruiting Applicant Tracker, or Engineering Roadmap.
  • Receive updates in Slack directly by searching for your own name when enabling the integration. You'll get notified privately whenever something changes on your page.
  • Bonus: Invite your teammates to Slack channels dedicated to Notion updates. This can keep project teams on the exact same page when working remotely.
  • Learn more about using our Slack integration β†’

5. Feel present with each other, virtually

Notion avatars show who's present on a page and when. If someone's editing a page at the same time as you, their avatar will appear wherever they're working. But there's more.
"Hey, just wondering if you've looked at that thing I sent you yet?" Nobody likes sending that message (or receiving it πŸ˜…). See for yourself when your teammates last visited a page β€” just hover over their avatar at the top right.
  • See who's on any page with you. Opaque avatars at the top denote the people looking at the page right now. Gray avatars have been there but aren't now.
  • See if a page has gone stale β€” the avatars at the left represent the most recent views.
  • Use this feature to see if an engineer's reviewed your bug report yet, or if your marketing manager's read that draft you sent them.
  • Bonus: When you're on the same page as a group, strike up a conversation by hovering over the top and clicking Add discussion. This opens a real-time chat as you work.
  • Learn how to change your Notion avatar β†’
Have other tips for using Notion remotely? Tweet them at @NotionHQ. We'll add them here so this document only gets more helpful.

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