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Camille Ricketts
May 2 '19 Β· 3 min read Β· 3194 views
Give any page some personality, spice, and individualism with icons and cover art! If you use Notion as a team or company, this is a great way to bring in your logo and brand, too 🎨


Every page, whether it's a database or not, can have its own icon β€” either an emoji or an image you upload yourself (like your logo). It'll appear at the top left of your page and in the sidebar next to it. This helps make pages memorable and easy to find.
There are a few ways to add page icons:
  • Hover over the top of any page and click Add Icon.
  • Click on any page icon in your sidebar.
  • Both will bring up a menu that lets you search for or choose an emoji, upload a file of your own from your computer (like a logo), or paste in the URL of an image from the web.
  • You can also click Random to cycle through randomly chosen emojis 'til you like one πŸ˜‰
  • To remove an icon, just click on it and choose Remove.
  • Note: Ideal icon images are 280 x 280 pixels.
Tip: You can also change a page's icon from your sidebar. Just click on the icon next to the page and the emoji picker will pop up.

Cover art

Cover art appears as a banner image at the top of any page, bringing some elegance, color, and style (even to databases) πŸ–Œ
To add a cover:
  • Hover over the top of any page and click Add Cover.
  • Hover over the cover that appears and choose Change Cover.
  • A menu will pop up with a gallery of choices curated by Notion.
  • Click Upload to add your own image from your computer, or click Link to paste in the URL of an image from the web.
  • You can also search for and choose an image from Unsplash, a library of 1,000,000+ beautiful, usable stock photos.
Tip: You can make your cover pages appear as images on your board or gallery cards in a database. Click Properties β†’ Card Preview β†’ Page Cover. Guide here.

On mobile

  • Tap the top of any page to see the option to Add Icon. Tap the icon that appears to change or remove it. You'll have the same set of options as on desktop.
  • Tap the top of any page to see the option to Add Cover. Tap the Change Cover button to select something different or remove it.


  • What's the ideal size and aspect ratio for cover images?
    The cover images are dynamic depending on the width of your window, so there's no specific size that works best. That said, we recommend using images at least 1,500 pixels wide.
  • How can I insert an emoji in-line with my text πŸ€”?
    You can use your system emoji picker to include emojis in-line on a Notion page, or anywhere else on your computer!
    Mac: ctrl + cmd +
    Windows 10: windows key + . or windows key + ;
  • Why are all my emojis black and white or missing?
    Are you running Windows 7 as your operating system? Notion pulls the emojis directly from your system font, and Windows 7 doesn't have them built in πŸ˜“
    That said, we have a project on our roadmap to standardize emojis across platforms. Thanks for your patience while we work on that!
  • I think Notion might be missing some emojis...
    Yeah, we're using a slightly older emoji font at the moment, but updating it is on our to-do list! πŸ˜…Thanks for the patience!

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