🍒 Perks and benefits

Roland Grootenboer
Jul 30 '19 · 2 min read · 138 views
  • Travel expenses: by default we will get you a fancy NS business card with a subscription that suits your situation best. If you come by car, we’ll pay you €0,19 per kilometer, but within limits.
  • Telephone costs/reimbursements: if you need to make a lot of phone calls for Blendle, we’ll reimburse your costs. Same goes for other costs.
  • Pension: we facilitate pensions via Bright Pensioen. Bright is not your standard pension plan. We think it’s better than the mandatory corporate pension scheme which you might be used to. This video explains a bit about pensions in general and it starts at the point where they explain what Bright Pensioen is and why we chose it. Blendle pays the costs to Bright, so the money you put aside goes straight to your pension. You can sign up through this page. You can join a webinar for more info on https://brightpensioen.nl/event/pensioen-faciliteren/
  • Option plan: there is an Option plan. Options are worth a lot for us, because it is the most precious thing we have: a part of our company. So we don’t hand them out by default, we just want you to know it’s there and that we can explain the details to you later if you want.
  • Equipment: we have electric sit-stand-desks and good chairs so your back stays in shape and there are more than enough screens and additional equipment at the office.
  • Massages: once a week, our masseuse gets rid of all our stress with her chair massages.
  • Lunch/dinner/food/drinks: Blendle will make sure to keep your engine running by taking care of food (lunch/dinner/snacks) and drinks. Let us know if you have dietary requirements/allergies.
  • Blendle Premium: we’ll hook you up with a Blendle Premium subscription.
  • Budget for study/courses/books/learning etc.: there is money in our bank account and it’s up to us to spend it wisely. So yes, there is a budget. Just let us know if you think it’s reasonable for Blendle to pitch in.
  • Blendle outings: the party agenda is pretty full. You’ll be invited when there is a party ahead.
  • Flexible Holidays: we think 4-6 weeks off per year is kinda the sweet spot, with at least once 2 weeks in a row. So that’s what we put in your contract.
  • Flexible hours: we want you to find out what works for you best. Just know that we don't keep track of hours. We trust you.
  • Laptop: we provide you with a laptop that suits your job. Ask HR for further info.
  • Workplace: we've built a pretty nice office to make sure you like being at Blendle HQ. Feel free to sit where you want. Even better: dare to switch your workplace every once in a while.

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