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Brian Park
Oct 3 '17 · 2 min read · 527 views
The less time you spend managing the list part of your to-do list, the better.
Get started right away with our to-do's template when you create a new page or keep scrolling to learn how to quickly create one from scratch yourself.

Step 1: Create a to-do list

Add a to-do list with a slash command (/) or by clicking on the [+] button on a new line in the editor and selecting 'To-do List.'
That's literally it - and you're good to go.

Step 2: Structure the lists for more nuance

If you're looking for a little bit more out of your to-do list, you can throw in a little structure.
A popular one is organizing to-do lists around specific milestones (e.g. alpha, beta) or status so that you can divvy up specific tasks in some sort of linear way (e.g. in-progress, done).
Add in headers and dividers to create your sections with the help of the [+] button when you're on a new line in the editor.

Step 3: Organize your to-do's in columns

Drag-and-drop your lists to better visualize the progress of your to-do's. Just click and drag the (::) button that emerges to the left of any content block. Higlight multiple blocks to drag-and-drop in bulk.

Step 4: Archive completed tasks

Create a new page that you can use as an archive in the 'Done' column. Just click the [+] button in the 'Done' column, select 'Page' to add a new page, and name it 'Archive.'
When you've completed a to-do, drag-and-drop it into the archive so that things don't get too cluttered.
You can always open up your archive to look at previously completed tasks or drag it out of the archive to retrieve an old task.

Step 5: Share your list and collaborate with others

Sometimes to-do's become collaborative.
Share your to-do list with the entire team by dragging the page to the workspace area in the left-sidebar. And if it's not meant for the entire gang, you can share it individually through the 'Share' dropdown in the top right.
To help with the team's collaborative flow, you can have discussions at the page level, throw in comments inline, or @ mention people to trigger a notification on their end.

Step 6: Highlight important tasks and style your page

To highlight any tasks, right click any piece of text and move your cursor over 'Color' to see a list of options.
Here are a few other ways you can style your page as well:
  • Page icon: hover near the title of the page and click 'Add Icon'
  • 'Archive' icon: click the document icon next to the 'Archive' page to add an emoji
Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at ✌️

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