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The @ symbol is a pretty versatile tool in Notion. You can use it to create links to other pages in your workspace, mention another person to get their attention, add a date to a page, or set a reminder. We call this @-mentioning or @-tagging.
Note: If you just want to type a plain old @ symbol without mentioning something, you can always hit esc to dismiss the menu that pops up.

@-mention a page

To reference and add an in-line link to another page inside a Notion page, type @ followed by the page's title. You'll see a menu pop up that'll search for that page in real-time. Find the right one and press enter. Now you and others can jump to the linked page directly.
  • If you change the title of a page, the @-mention links that go to it will also reflect that change automatically.

@-mention a person

Mention someone on a page, in a discussion, or in a comment. Type @ followed by the person's name. This sends them a notification that you want their eyes on something (they'll also see a red badge appear next to All Updates in their sidebar). Handy for asking teammates for answers, suggestions, or ideas.
  • When you type @, a menu pops up allowing you to search people's names in real-time. Press enter to mention them on your page. It looks like this:
Note: If you @-mention someone on a page that they don't have access to (like one of your private pages), they will not be notified.

@-mention a date

When you type @ followed by a date (or the words today, tomorrow, or yesterday), you'll add an in-line timestamp to your page. For example, typing @1/12 automatically adds a timestamp that looks like: . Helpful for dating your work as needed.
Note: The words today, tomorrow, and yesterday turn into their corresponding numbered dates as time passes.


When you add a reminder, Notion will send you a notification to draw your attention back to a particular task, event, or page at the time you specify. This is helpful for setting due dates and making sure you never forget a thing! โฐ
There are a couple of ways to create reminders:
  • In-line on a page, type @remind followed by a time, date, or both, i.e. @remind tomorrow, @remind 7pm, or @remind Wednesday at 1pm.
    • This will create a blue tag that looks like this:
    • Clicking this tag opens up a calendar window where you can edit the date and time you chose, and set exactly how you want to be reminded (i.e. 30 minutes beforehand). See screenshot below.
    • In-line reminders turn red when they change to @Today or are past due.
  • In a database, add a Date property (more on that here). When you click on that property (like on a cell in that column of a table), a calendar window opens where you can select when and how you want to be reminded. You can add a specific time of day as well.
When you set a reminder, you'll be notified at the chosen time in a few ways:
  • You'll see a red badge pop up next to All Updates at the top of your left sidebar.
  • If you have the desktop Notion app, you'll receive a push notification immediately.
  • If you have the mobile Notion app, you'll receive a push notification within 5 minutes.
  • If Notion isn't open at the time of your reminder, you'll get a mobile push notification (if you have the app) and an email.
  • Learn how to edit your notification settings โ†’


  • Does Notion have recurring reminders? Like "remind me every Monday to water the plants"?
    Not at the moment, but recurring tasks and recurring reminders are on the roadmap! If you'd like us to further prioritize this, send us a message or tweet at us with your vote! ๐Ÿ“ฎ
  • What's the difference between @-mentioning a page, and a Link to Page block?
    Great question! A Link to Page block works kind of like a sub-page and is exposed in your sidebar as a subpage. Because of this, you can't link to the same page more than once per page using this method. To add a Link to Page, type /link and press enter.
    @-mentioning a page creates a type of in-line hyperlink. You can @-mention a page as many times as you like within a single page.
  • I have email notifications enabled, but I didn't receive an email reminder even though I created one.
    If you have Notion open on a mobile device or computer, you won't receive an email notification for reminders. You'll see a push notification and red badge next to All Updates.
  • How can I trigger a reminder for someone else on my team?
    The best way to do this is to use an @-mention and @remind on the same line. For example:
    "@d0a8cba1-b998-46a3-bcd1-0efb420410b1 @remind next Thursday 4pm to finish proofreading."

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