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Roadmaps should clearly and easily visualize upcoming milestones. This is where most roadmaps call it a day, but that's just half the battle!
A great roadmap should also help the team deliver on those milestones.
Notion can help you have conversations around the features that make up a milestone, keep track of intermediate to-do's, or showcase the latest round of prototypes.
Give our template a try when creating a new page or keep scrolling to learn how to make one yourself!

Step 1: Create a database to get started

First order of business - let's create a database that'll house your roadmap. You can add one in by clicking the [+] button on a new line in the editor and selecting 'Calendar - Inline.'

Step 2: Add events and milestones to the calendar

Roadmaps are naturally milestone based - whether that be revolving around specific launches or key dates. Click the [+] button on any of the dates to add in a key event or a milestone.
A newly created page for that milestone will open up where you can go ahead and give it a name and add in some tags (e.g. Product, Marketing, Support).

Step 3: Add assignees and other properties

Let's enrich our calendar by adding in assignees and who's responsible for that milestone.
Click 'Add a Property,' type in 'Assignee' and select the 'Person' property type. This'll then allow you to assign other people in your workspace to this specific milestone.
You can also add in different types of properties to your event page as well like files, links, or a dropdown to define stages. For more advanced use cases, you can also add in a 'relation' property to link multiple databases with one another.

Step 4: Include notes with your milestones

Click below the comment area to begin adding in any notes related to this milestone that'll complement the properties you've added.
You can include intermediate to-do's or showcase the latest round of prototypes. Just click the [+] button in the editor to see a list of all the different types of content you can add to this page.

Step 5: Tailor the calendar view to your liking

To give your calendar your unique touch, go ahead and adjust which properties are visible directly on the calendar.
Click 'Properties' and toggle on which properties you'd like to have visible on the events and milestones themselves.

Step 6: Move around or change the length of milestones

Drag-and-drop events to move them around or click-and-drag the edges to change the length of the events right within the calendar view.

Step 7: Stay up to date with page updates

Any page in Notion can be subscribed to - meaning that you'll receive a notification whenever a change has been made to that particular page. That goes for individual feature pages and the product roadmap page itself.
You can subscribe to a page via the 'Updates' dropdown in the top right. This is where you can also check out the thread of all recent edits in the calendar as well.
You can collectively see all the edits made on pages you follow in the 'Followed' tab within 'All-Updates' in your left-sidebar.

Step 8: Reference tasks in your roadmap

Let's say you have a database for your tasks as well - it'd be great to reference that in your roadmap. In other words - to be able to link up tasks associated with different items on the roadmap (and vice versa).
Add a 'Relation' property in your roadmap and you'll then be able to reference all the different tasks that make up that item in your roadmap.
Once you've started linking tasks to items in the roadmap, you'll see that relation automatically reflected in the task database as well.
In this particular example, you'll see that the 'Blue button hover color' and 'Desktop push notifications' tasks in the Tasks & Issues database relate to 'Analytics 1.0' in the Roadmap database.
Rinse and repeat and you'll see which tasks are associated with the different elements that make up your roadmap in both databases.
Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at ✌️

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