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Brian Park
Oct 19 '17 ยท 1 min read ยท 1254 views
Notion's Quick Find feature lets you search across your entire workspace or jump immediately to recently visited pages.

On desktop

  • Click Quick Find at the top of your sidebar (it displays as a ๐Ÿ” icon on mobile).
  • Use cmd/ctrl + p (one of our most popular shortcuts! โœ‚๏ธ).
  • Our search window will pop up, containing:
    • A field to enter your own search.
    • Recently visited pages listed underneath for quick access.
  • We search page names and content inside pages to surface the most relevant results.
  • Type what you're looking for, scroll with the arrow keys, and press enter to jump right to that page.
  • When you type your search, results will show up in real time. For top results, you'll see a preview of the content blocks on that page. You can also jump right to any of those blocks (like anchor links โš“๏ธ).
  • You can open a page in a new Notion window by pressing cmd/ctrl + enter.
  • In gray under each page result, you'll see a breadcrumb for where that page is located in your workspace (i.e. the pages it's nested inside).
  • Click anywhere outside the widow to close it without jumping to a page.

On mobile

  • Tap โ˜ฐ to access your left-hand sidebar.
  • Tap the ๐Ÿ” icon at the top right of your sidebar. That will open the search window, which will let you type in a query or tap to jump immediately to a recently-visited page.


  • Why am I not finding the right search results?
    We know our search functionality leaves some to be desired ๐Ÿ˜… Have no fear, we're working away at it right now. In the near future, results will be generated according to relevance, not just by matching content. Stay tuned.
  • How can I search database content?
    Every database comes with its very own search. At the top of both full-page and in-line databases, you'll see a button labeled Search. Press it and type your query. In real-time, you'll bring up the rows or cards that match that search.

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