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Brian Park
Oct 17 '17 · 2 min read · 483 views
To help you take on a variety of challenges with Notion, we've created more than 50 templates that you can adopt and customize as your own — including 5 "starter templates" already in your workspace! Here's how to use them ✨

Add & remove starter templates

When you first sign up for Notion, you'll see a collection of 5 templates in your sidebar. These have been selected for you based on what you told us during on-boarding. You can choose to add them to your workspace so you can edit them however you want, or remove them.
  • To add a starter template to your workspace, click the + symbol to its left.
    • This will open the template picker, where you can click Use This Template.
  • To remove a starter template, hover over it and click the word Hide that appears.

Find & use templates

You can access our full collection of templates at any time.
  • They're one click away in your sidebar above Import and Trash.
  • You also have the option to choose Templates whenever you create a new page.
  • Both of these will open up the template picker with our full collection of templates categorized by type of work.
  • In this window, you can play around with templates and see how they work before deciding to use them. Click Use This Template to actually add one to your workspace.
  • Instructions are included inside each template in two ways:
    • For databases, they are at the top and can be hidden by hovering over the top of the page and clicking Hide Description. You can open them again by clicking the i icon.
    • For pages, instructions are scattered throughout in callout boxes that you can delete just like you'd delete any other content block.
Tip: We also have a Template Gallery that includes dozens of templates built for many purposes by Notion users around the world. Go to →


  • Do you have templates made by the Notion community anywhere?
    Yes! Indeed we do. Go to our Template Gallery at to see creations across categories like work, media, personal productivity and more made by our community.
  • How do I get rid of the templates that Notion put in my sidebar when I signed up?
    You don't have to stick with the templates that we've pre-populated for you in your workspace. Just hover over them and click the word Hide that appears. You can always get them back by clicking Templates at the bottom of your sidebar and re-selecting the templates you removed.
  • Can I request a template for something?
    Yes! We'd love your ideas. Please tweet them to us at @NotionHQ (with the hashtag #template) or send them to our community support team at

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