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Brian Park
Oct 3 '17 · 3 min read · 582 views
Who says you have to be technical to be able to quickly put together an aesthetic, fully functional team wiki?
No need to hire a consultant or study a 20-page instruction manual, we'll have your company wiki up and running in 6 steps.
And if you're interested in a head start, give our 'Team Home' template a try when you create a new page.

Step 1: Add or create the pages that will make up your wiki

In Notion - a team wiki is pretty much a handful of pages nested within one parent page. The parent page will operate as the wiki itself.
Let's start by creating a page within another page. You can do so by clicking the [+] button when you're on a new line in the editor and selecting 'Page.' To create more pages within the wiki, just rinse and repeat.
For some inspiration, here are a few popular types of pages to include in a wiki:
  • Office, Health, and Benefits
  • Office Calendar
  • Requested Time Off
  • Reimbursement
If you already have a page or two created in Notion that you think would be a good fit for the company wiki, just drag-and-drop the page into the company wiki page.

Step 2: Build out each of the individual pages

Now that you've got a few pages created in your wiki, let's go ahead and build out those individual pages.
You have 25+ different content blocks at your disposal to mold each of these pages.
Here are some popular go-to's beyond simple text:
  • Lists: include bullet, to-do, toggle lists
  • Formatting: include headers, dividers
  • Multimedia: add images, videos
Click the [+] button when you're on a new line in the editor or trigger a slash command (/) to get an entire list of the possibilities!

Step 3: Organize your wiki into sections

A company wiki shouldn't read like a white paper.
Let's add in some formatting to make the company wiki more digestible with the help of the slash command (/):
  • Headers: add headers to group your pages into common buckets or themes
  • Dividers: include dividers for visual distinction between the sections
Now that we've got some headers and dividers, we've got the start of the different sections that'll make up our company wiki.
Drag-and-drop the headers, dividers, and pages to better visualize your wiki. Did you know you can even create columns with a drag-and-drop?

Step 4: Style the wiki for aesthetics

It's time to dress things up a bit:
  • Cover photo: hover near the title of the page and click 'Add Cover'
  • Page icon: hover near the title of the page and click 'Add Icon'
  • Individual page icons: click the document icon next to each of the individual pages that make up your wiki to add a unique emoji

Step 5: Make the wiki accessible to others

What's a team wiki if it can't be found? Make sure it has a prominent place in your left sidebar. Just drag-and-drop to reposition it amongst the other pages in your workspace.
You can also share the wiki via the 'Share' dropdown in the top right.

Section 6: Adjust permissions to grant or limit edit rights

As the team grows in size, page level permissions begin to matter. You can adjust edit rights across the entire team in the 'Share' dropdown in the top-right.
If you want to adjust permissions on an individual basis, you can invite them via email and specify their unique access level when sending the invite.
Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at ✌️

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