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This template lets you block out time in your schedule for each type of task that you want to dedicate time to each week. Then you can add your tasks to that schedule, to spend the blocked out time slot working on the right type of task. This template integrates with your existing tasks database, to get set up: 1. Once you've duplicated this template into your workspace, if you're going to use the tasks database from this template then skip this step & step 2. If not, create a dedicated Category attribute in your tasks database, to assign a category to each of your tasks. 2. Then create Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. relationship attributes in your tasks database, linking to the Time Scheduler database. 3. Block out the time for the types of tasks that you want to work on that week. Create your task category pages in the Task Categories database and then assign a category to each time slot in your Time Scheduler database, using the [Day] Schedule columns. 4. Schedule tasks from categories that match your blocked out time slots. Assign a task to each time slot in your Time Scheduler database, using the [Day] Tasks columns. If you have any questions then feel free to add a comment or ask me on Facebook, Reddit or Instagram.
To copy this template into your own workspace, open this link in a new tab https://www.notion.so/Time-Blocker-x-Task-List-Notion-template-c0129c2dbf3948f2a47b1685f495f019

๐Ÿ• Time scheduler

  • Linking tasks to the schedule
    You'll need to link tasks to the time scheduler from the time scheduler. Looking up time slots from the tasks table won't work because there will be several pages in the time scheduler database with the same name.
  • Should I duplicate the time scheduler database for new weeks?
    It's best not to duplicate this database for each new week because that'll add extra columns to the related databases. Instead use the 'Week Commencing' attribute to control which week's displayed.
  • Using the template view
    Copy and paste or duplicate the time slots from the Template view and then update the Week Commencing field to set up a new week.
  • Sorting the schedule
    Use the Sort column to assign a number to each timeslot and control the order that the pages are listed in. E.g. if your first timeslot is 9am enter 1 in the Sort column, then a 2 for 10am etc.
  • What if I have multiple teammate's tasks to schedule?
    This becomes quite complex if you're scheduling tasks from multiple teammates, you could add a rollup field to display who the task is assigned to, alongside the task name but this won't be easy to read.
    I'd generally recommend creating a dedicated time scheduler database for each teammate.

Time Scheduler

TimeSortWeek CommencingMonday ScheduleMonday TasksTuesday ScheduleTuesday TasksWednesday TasksThursday TasksFriday TasksFriday ScheduleThursday ScheduleWednesday Schedule
9am - 10am1          
10am - 11am2          
11am - 12pm3          
12pm - 1pm4          
1pm - 2pm5          
2pm - 3pm6          
3pm - 4pm7          
4pm - 5pm8          
9am - 10am1           
10am - 11am2           
11am - 12pm3           
12pm - 1pm4           
1pm - 2pm5           
2pm - 3pm6           
3pm - 4pm7           
4pm - 5pm8           

โ˜‘๏ธ Tasks

  • Should I use the Category column in this database or just give my tasks emoji icons for their categories?
    You could remove the category column from this database & just use emoji to display the category of each task, to match with the time slots in the time scheduler. But this will prevent you from assigning multiple categories to a single task.
    And if you want to rename a category / change it's emoji then you'll have to do that manually, rather than just updating the task categories database.
    Plus you'd have to stick to using those emoji for your task page titles of course.


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๐Ÿท Task categories

Task Categories

Customer Ops  
Social Media  
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