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Please update the personal information of your Blendle Google account with your phone number. You can find the contact details of all your colleagues in this directory (not public).
  1. Set up your accounts
  2. Get some basic intel
  3. Introduce yourself
Google (G Suite)
We use Google G Suite for email, calendars, spreadsheets and documents. We will set you up with a personal Google account ([username]@blendle.com), which is your identity within Blendle. You can use this account to sign in to both internal (e.g. 'goals', 'get-a-room') and external apps and services (through single sign-on).

Part 1: setting up your accounts and tools

Note that two-step verification is mandatory. You will be required to set this up at your first login. You can find more information at the help page.
We use Slack for internal communication. This gives us all the ability to stalk each other, use GIFs, work on Slack-bots, etc. etc. It comes as a web app, iOS app, Android App, OSX app and Windows app. Just download the apps for your platforms of choice. With this link you can create your own Slack account with your @blendle account (SSO for the win!). You can join all the revenant channels of your choice. Slack can also be a big distraction, so make sure to check out the do-not-disturb-functionalities. If you run into any trouble, just let me know.
I’ve also sent you an invite (on your Blendle mail) for Trello. We use it for all sorts of things. Of course the occasional sprint planning but support uses it to flag issues and get them on sprints for example. Here you’ll find (not a public link) the overview board for the whole of Blendle. Have a look around. When joining your team you’ll know soon enough which board to join.
This neat little photo and video sharing app is the one we use to share fun Blendle memories. You will find the invite in your inbox. Download (or visit) and you’ll see. Don’t wait too long to post your first memory on it!

Part 2: Office stuff and practical info:

Catharijnesingel 52 (4th floor), 3511 GC Utrecht.
Walking Route from Utrecht CS can be found here:
Entrance code: here
You can park your car here. Our Office Manager will get you a parking card asap (if you plan to come by car often). Until then, you can get a get-out-of-parking-stamp with her. Blendle will pay for it.
Or just come by train, we’ll get you a fancy NS business card.
When you enter on your first day, it’s probably best to team up with your teammate/buddy and sit next to or near him or her. Just know that you’re free to sit anywhere you like. Just know that further to the back (behind the meeting rooms) we like to keep things quiet. Just to keep focus :). To improve focus we have one rule called the headphone-rule. Headphones on means "do not disturb". Pretty straight-forward, but it works.
More practical information about our office and door lock can be found here
Every week on Wednesday from 12.30-16.00h (might change, see the all@ calendar), we have a masseuse come by to relieve us from stress (what stress), RSI, that aching back or tiredness. And yes its great! There is no queue, just a free-for-all.
To keep your head in shape, we pay for the best apps to help you do so: Headspace to stay calm and mindful and Things to boost your productivity and help you reach your goals. Blendle offers reimbursement on your Headspace subscription. Leave your name here and you will receive a monthly reimbursement together with your salary.
At Blendle we tend to lunch together. Buurtboer arranges nice lunches including sandwiches (to be self-made), salad, eggs and veggies. Just get your plate, walk to the salad bar (yes we got a salad bar from Marktplaats for 100 euros), grab whatever you like and enjoy the company of your colleagues (or don’t, whatever). Any allergies or preferences? Let us know at officemanagement@blendle.com.
Don’t be afraid to help out on cleaning up after lunch. You’ll experience this thing called gratitude if you do…
Tough luck! Get over it! No, we care for each other so we will feel sorry for you. And everyone is willing to help out if you get in a tough spot being ill at home. To get the needed help or rest, just let your team lead know you’re staying at home (or going home).
Official Holidays and Vacay!
Of course, we ain’t all workaholics, but we don’t have any CAO (collective employment agreement) with loads of bylaws. But we do have some official holidays. Be sure to check them out in the Handbook. If you want to head out to enjoy your well-deserved vacation then there is only 1 rule, and 1 rule to rule them all: check/discuss with your team and team lead and then put it in your calendar and @all calendar (for administrative reasons). We do not keep track of your holidays.
Your payslip
After onboarding you'll receive an email from noreply@loket.nl:
Van: <noreply@loket.nl>  Aan: <> Cc:  Beste collega, Welkom bij het Werknemerloket van Blendle B.V. Je bent nu slechts één stap verwijderd van je toegang tot het Werknemerloket. Ga naar: https://werknemer.loket.nl/#/login?token=................. en maak eenvoudig een account aan. Denk hierbij aan de veiligheid: kies een sterk wachtwoord! Voor overige vragen kan je contact opnemen met Blendle B.V.
This email will most probably be sent to your private email address. Via this email you'll get access to werknemersloket.nl where you can see your monthly payslip.
We care about security. So, whenever possible (Google apps, GitHub etc): use two-factor authentication! And please turn on Full Disk Encryption (FileVault on Mac) on your computer. And of course, whether you're at the office or somewhere else, be sure to lock your computer whenever you are AFK. And whenever you hear “Brace, Brace!”, be sure to get yourself into brace-position. It is for your own and our safety. :-)
For sharing secure stuff with each other we use Tresorit. Be sure to download that! If you need it, your team will also mention this, so don’t worry! Oh, and in case you’re wondering: we don’t share any user information via Slack or Google.
You should use a password manager to manage your secrets (e.g. passwords for your personal accounts or credit card details). This allows you to use unique passwords for your different accounts.
You can sign up for 1Password for Teams here (not public).

AND Mooooore....

This might be one of the most important questions: Who would you like to work with? You might have noticed: we’re expanding! While trying to conquer the world, we need to gather our own army of super-duper extraterrestrial-powered heroes (you know them as your colleagues). We still have a lot of vacancies open… but apart from them, we’re always looking for new recruits. So, do you know anyone fitting the (or a) profile? Let them know we’re looking for ‘em or let HR know they need to contact them.
Business intelligence
Sounds cool. It is. We want everybody to be informed and make the best decisions possible because all the intel is available. This is also a great way to be transparant. You get all the tools you need and acces to all the data. Go to this page (made by the BI peeps) and go nuts (not public).

Part 3: Let’s intro the shit out of this:

Introduce yourself!!1!
You’ve made it to the end of this post. Respect. Last but not least is introducing yourself. How? Just send an email to all@blendle.com before your first day.
First impressions count (no pressure) and here are all the intro emails (not public) of the colleagues who joined before you (no pressure), make sure to add your own too (again, no pressure).
As you can see, it grew into one big funny gif-fest, which wasn’t our intention ;).
The idea behind it is that your new colleagues get a glimpse of who you are, what you like/dislike, why you are joining Blendle and what you’re going to do. Yes we are suckers for gifs, but we’d like a picture of you even more. Nothing fancy, just you, so everybody recognizes you when you’re grabbing a cup of tea in the canteen. Oh, and short = sweet. Nothing like this enormous onboarding post...

Work at Blendle

If you want to work at Blendle you can check our job ads here.

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