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Updates and notifications help you stay on top of work that needs your attention, and changes made to the pages and projects you care about. The more people you collaborate with in your workspace, the more helpful these features become! ๐Ÿ’ฌ๐Ÿ””

All Updates menu

The All Updates menu at the top of your sidebar aggregates several types of alerts for you:
  • @-mentions of you in pages, comments or discussions.
  • Mentions of you in databases using the Person property. (More on this here.)
  • Comments made on pages you started or follow.
  • Invitations to join pages.
  • Revisions made to pages you follow.
This menu is broken up into three sections:
  • All Updates: A combination of the next two categories.
  • Followed: Revisions and comments made on all the pages you follow workspace-wide.
  • Mentions: A list of all the mentions of you workspace-wide, and invites to join pages.
This helps you find, read, and interact with your updates so you never miss a thing, and can easily take action wherever you're needed.

New vs. seen updates

We mark your updates to get your attention, and so you know which ones are new, which ones you've seen but not acted on, and which ones you've handled:
  • If you have new mentions waiting for you, you'll see a red badge next to All Updates in your sidebar with the number of mentions you've missed.
  • A bold blue โ€ข New next to an update means you haven't seen it before.
  • A pale blue โ€ข Seen next to an update means you've checked your updates since it came in, but you haven't interacted with it yet.
  • No dot next to an update means you already clicked on it to view the update or you otherwise navigated to the page the update was about.
  • A red lock icon next to Private appears next to updates made on your private pages.

Act on updates

You can take several actions from the All Updates menu:
  • Click on any update to jump to the part of the page where the mention or revision was made. When you click on comments, you'll go directly to that thread on the page.
  • Reply to any comment by clicking Reply in the menu without going to the page itself.
  • Resolve any comment by clicking Resolve in the menu. This will make the comment disappear from the page.
  • Re-open a comment by clicking Re-open. The comment will re-appear on the page.

On mobile

Updates work a little differently on mobile. Instead of there being two separate menus for page-specific and workspace-wide updates, both are combined in the clock icon at the top right of every Notion page. Click this clock to see four categories of updates:
  • All: A combination of all updates across your workspace.
  • Followed: A list of all revisions and comments made on followed pages.
  • Mentions: A list of all mentions of you and page invitations workspace-wide.
  • This Page: A list of mentions, comments, and revisions made on that specific page. Tap this to see the option to follow or unfollow the page, too.

Push & email notifications

When you're mentioned on a page, or in the Person property of a database, you won't just see a red badge next to All Updates. You'll receive other notifications if you have the Notion desktop or mobile apps installed:
  • You'll get a desktop push notification 10 seconds after someone @-mentions you.
  • You'll get a mobile push notification if you don't view a mention within 5 minutes, or if you don't have Notion open on your device.
  • You'll get an email โ€” which will include both mentions and revisions on followed pages โ€” if you don't look at Notion within 10 minutes or if you don't have Notion open on any device.
  • You can turn these notifications on or off from Settings & Members โ†’ My Notifications.
  • More on notification settings here โ†’


  • Someone @mentioned me in a page, but I didn't receive an email notification.
    If you have Notion open on a mobile device or computer, you won't receive push or email notifications for reminders, you'll only get a red badge notification in All Updates.
    If Notion is not open on your mobile device or computer at the time of the notification, then you'll receive an email instead of a notification to All Updates.
  • I'm getting way too many notifications in All Updates. What can I do?
    We have lots of room for improvement here, and hope to make notifications more customizable in the future!
    For the time being, you can unfollow any pages that are irrelevant/too noisy. Just turn off the Follow This Page toggle in the Updates menu at the top right of the page.
  • How can I trigger a reminder for someone else on my team?
    The best way to do this is to use an @-mention and @remind on the same line. For example:
    "@d0a8cba1-b998-46a3-bcd1-0efb420410b1 @remind next Thursday 4pm to finish proofreading."

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