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Camille Ricketts
Mar 25 '19 · 2 min read · 656 views
You can view and restore past versions of any Notion page going back 30 days if you're on a Personal or Team Plan (and indefinitely if you're on an Enterprise Plan). The Page History feature lets you see all changes made to a page, when and by who.

Access page history

  • Click the ••• menu at the top right of any Notion page. Choose Page History:
This opens the Page History window, which enables you to:
  • See all past versions of the current page in a list down the right-hand side. (Every change made to a page creates a separate version.)
  • Click on any past version to see what the page looked like at that point in time.
  • You can also get to Page History by clicking Updates at the top right of any Notion page. You'll see a dropdown menu of all revisions made to the current page by yourself and others (as well as comments made and resolved). Click the clock icon next to any revision to jump to that version in the Page History window:

Restore past versions

  • To recover only specific content blocks from a previous version, click on that version, copy those blocks in the Page History window using cmd/ctrl + c and paste them into your current page with cmd/ctrl + v.
  • You can also restore an entire past version so it becomes your current version. Click the blue button that says Restore version.
  • Even if you or someone on your team restores a past version, you can always go back to the page as it was during any point in the past 30 days. Just open Page History again, choose the version you want to return to and restore it 👌
  • If you're on a Free Plan, you can upgrade to access Page History. Just go to Settings & Members, then Plans, and choose Personal or Team depending on your needs.

On mobile

Page History works a bit differently on mobile that it does on the web or desktop.
  • To access Page History, click the ••• icon at the top right of your page. Tap Page History. You'll see a full list of versions organized by time.
  • Tap any version to view it. You can copy and paste any content you want from it into your current version. Or you can tap Restore at the top left to make that version current.


  • Can I use page history to restore a version that's over 30 days old?
    You can if you're on an Enterprise Plan! 💼 More details here →

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