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Notion Web Clipper lets you save any web page off the internet to your workspace so you can read or edit it later. You can add this web content to any workspace or page of your choosing, making it easy to build a reading list, collect references for research, and more βœ‚οΈ

On desktop

Our desktop Web Clipper is a browser extension available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Install the extension

  • Download the Chrome extension from the Google Web Store.
  • Download the Firefox add-on πŸ”₯🦊
  • You'll see a small Notion button appear just to the right of your browser search bar.

Use the clipper

  • Log into Notion on your browser with the account you want to clip into.
  • Click the Notion icon to the right of your browser search bar.
  • A small window will pop up asking which workspace and Notion page (or database) you want to add the web page into.
  • You can create a new database to save your web pages into by clicking + New links database in the Add To menu.
  • You can change the name of the page in the text box.
  • Press Save Page or enter.
  • If you'd like to clip into a page or database that already exists, it might not be included in the list. You can use the search bar to search for the page or database you'd like to clip into:
  • You'll have the option to Open in Notion to go right to the page you just saved.
  • Here's how saved web pages appear in a Notion database:
  • When you clip a web page into a database, a URL property will automatically be added to capture the address of the original page (even if there wasn't one before)!
  • You can also add tags, other properties, comments, and edits to the pages you clip. More on that below!

On mobile

Our mobile Web Clipper uses native share sheet functionality on both iOS and Android.
Note: You'll need iOS version 11.0 or above to use Web Clipper on iPhone or iPad. For Android, you'll need version 5.0 or above.

Clip on iOS

  • Open Safari or Chrome on your device and tap the Share icon on any page you want to save. (It looks like a box with an upward arrow in the center.)
  • This will bring up your device's mobile share sheet. Scroll through the apps that appear to select β€’β€’β€’ More.
  • From that menu, turn on Notion access.
  • From now on, Notion will appear on your mobile share sheet.
  • Tap the Notion icon, title the page you're saving, choose which workspace and page you want to add it to, and tap Save.
  • Go to the page you chose to see your clipping, comment on it, add properties, etc.! ✨

Clip on Android

Our Android users are lucky πŸ€Notion will be added automatically to your browser's sharing options, no extra steps required!
  • Open Chrome, and on any page you want to save, click the share icon.
  • This will bring up the mobile share sheet, which will already include Notion.
  • Tap the Notion icon, title the page you're saving, choose which workspace and page/database you want to add it to, and tap Save.
  • Go to the page you chose to see your clipping, comment on it, add properties, etc.!

Clip images & local files on your phone

Want to add the photos you take on your phone to your Notion workspace? You can do that in just a few steps:
  • Select the photos you want to copy into Notion.
  • Tap the Share icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap on Notion if it's already an option in the share menu that pops up. (Or, on iPhone, scroll to tap β€’β€’β€’ More and turn Notion on as an option.)
  • Create a title for the image, select the Notion workspace you want, and tap Add to to choose the exact page/database you want to add the image to.
  • When you clip local files to a database, no URL will be added.
Note: Websites are built in all kinds of ways, so they can't all be parsed the same way. Formatting in Notion will vary. We've made sure clips from top sites like Pinterest, Netflix, Wikipedia, etc. look great, and we're always improving!

Modify, edit & tag your clips

Okay, so now you've seen how images, page content, and URLs will be saved for any clipped web page. This is where the process ends for many tools like this, but it's just the beginning in Notion!
Here are just a few ways to organize and use a web clip:
  • Turn it into a task to make sure you read it or act on it later. Even add a due date! πŸ“†
  • Assign the clip to be read or used by someone on your team. @-mention them in a discussion or add their name to the person property in a database of clips.
  • Tag it with keywords to make it easily searchable later.
  • Add it to a specific project. (Compile a syllabus for a class, or research for a thesis.)
  • Add comments and mention your teammates so they can see your thoughts on the content.
  • Here are a few examples for how to use database properties to add useful context to your web clips:


  • I tried using the web clipper on mobile, but got an error message This app is not supported.
    Unfortunately, Notion Web Clipper only works for entire pages from your web browser, or photos from your photo roll. It doesn't support other apps yet, like the Twitter app or the iOS Notes app. Definitely possible in the future though!
  • I tried clipping a web page with the Web Clipper, but some of the page content is missing.
    Oops, sorry about that πŸ™ˆIf you wouldn't mind sharing the URL with us at team@makenotion.com, we'd be happy to flag to our engineering team so they can tweak the clipper accordingly.
  • Can you add tags to a web page while clipping it?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. Definitely possible for a future iteration though βœ‚οΈ
    For the time being, you'll need to open the clipped page in a Notion database to add and edit any tags or other database properties.

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Something we didn't cover? Message us in the app by clicking ? at the bottom right on desktop (or in your sidebar on mobile). Or email us at team@makenotion.com ✌️

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