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Camille Ricketts
Mar 14 '19 · 2 min read · 414 views
Web bookmarks are useful for displaying and previewing external links. For any URL you want to share, you can generate a card with an image and short description of the content on the site — much like what appears when you share links on Facebook or Twitter. Examples:

Add a web bookmark

There are a few ways to add a web bookmark to a page:
  • Click the + displayed to the left when you hover over a new line. Choose Web Bookmark and press enter.
  • Type /web bookmark or just /bookmark and press enter.
  • In the mobile app, paste a URL and select Create Bookmark.
Each method asks you to enter the URL. Press enter and your bookmark will pop up.

Arrange web bookmarks

  • Use drag-and-drop to move web bookmarks around your page. Hover over the block, then use the ⋮⋮ icon that appears to drag.
  • You can also put your bookmarks into columns, which will change their size and shape.

Add a caption

Captions let you give more context to web bookmarks.
  • Hover over your web bookmark and click the ••• icon at the top right of the block.
  • Select Caption and enter whatever text you want.
  • You can format your caption with bold, italics, colors and other styles available for standard text.

Open a web bookmark

  • To visit the linked page in a web bookmark, simply click the text area of the preview card. The page will open in a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings.

Copy a web bookmark URL

Sometimes, you'll want to copy a web bookmark's URL to use it elsewhere.
  • Hover over the web bookmark and click the ••• icon at the top right or the ⋮⋮ icon at the left, or right click on the bookmark itself.
  • Select Copy Link to add it to your clipboard for pasting wherever you need it! 📋

Comment on a web bookmark

You can leave a comment on a bookmark, just like any other type of content block:
  • Hover over the bookmark and click either ⋮⋮ to the left or the ••• icon at the top right. You can also right click to bring up the same menu.
  • Select Comment, and enter your inspiring insights.
Tip: Tag your workspace collaborators with @ to notify them of comments intended for them specifically.

Delete a web bookmark

  • Hover over your web bookmark and click ••• at the top right or ⋮⋮ on the left. You can also right click on the block itself.
  • Choose Delete.


  • I created a web bookmark, but there's no image preview.
    The image preview should work for most websites, but not all. It depends on how the site itself is built. There's no way to add your own image to a bookmark.
  • Any way to customize a web bookmark after it's been created?
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. Eventually, we'll make this possible.

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